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 Submit your bike measurement

It doesn't matter which bike you are using and how fit you are: the right size will make you happy when you are on a bike. We believe that every single cyclist should reach an optimal level of comfort, performance and, ultimately, safety.

Sicily Cycling Tours offers a bike assembly service, fill in this form you will find a perfect bike for you.

If you don't have these measurements, fill in the note with your height will be enough to provide the right frame size for you.





a | Center of crank arm to the top of the saddle

b | Nose of the saddle to the center of the handlebars

c | Top of handlebars to the center of the wheel

"Wonderful trip, we booked a bike tour, Daniele and his staff were an excellent company, we visited the city of Ragusa and stayed in an exceptional hotel. Thanks guys, we'll see you next time"

Sarah and Matt

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