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Any of ours tours can be made private.Contact us to learn more

"Seeing the world from the bicycle seat is an incredible experience" 


"I see myself with my bike equipped as if it were a camper van travelling around the world"

Daniele L.M.

Our story began in October 2013 when, dissatisfied with his career, Daniele La Manna quit his job to devote his time to his strongest passion: cycling and backpacking. He has pedaled thousands of miles following his passion for bicycle touring nature and good food.An expert in ultracycling and backpacking, from his maps and his faithful Garmin come the most incredible bicycle trips you could ever imagine. The result is SicilyCyclingTours and our mission is to go the extra mile to offer our guests incredible slow travel experiences with impeccable service at the core.

weekend and

4-day getaways 

Whether you are short on time or just looking for a quick outdoor escape to a beautiful place, these bike trips only last three or four days, choose from these amazing destinations and join us in the sun!


"Alè Alè"
Ride like a pro

"Ready to ride like a pro?

An unforgettable week following the roads of the Giro".