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"Seeing the world from the bicycle seat is an incredible experience" 
Daniele L.M.

Our story began when, Daniele a man with an adventurous spirit and an unstoppable passion for cycling, decided to embrace a radical change in his life. After years spent in the luxury sector, he felt that his true calling awaited him elsewhere: on dusty roads and winding trails that traverse the land. He left his job, determined to pursue his passion for bicycle travel.

An expert connoisseur of his territory, Daniele has always loved exploring every hidden corner of his region, discovering unknown treasures and breathtaking scenic routes. His bicycle has become his faithful companion, taking him through ancient cities, rural villages, and wild landscapes.

But for Daniele, bicycle travel is not just a way to explore the external world; it's also an inner journey, an opportunity for reflection, meditation, and connection with his own essence. Through the toil and hardship, he finds a sense of freedom and serenity that he has never experienced elsewhere.

A lover of good food and the pleasures of life, Daniele never misses an opportunity to delight in the culinary delights of the different regions he traverses. From artisan cheeses to regional specialties, every meal is a sensory experience that enriches his journey.

For Daniele, the bicycle is not just a mode of transportation; it's a way of life, an art of exploring the world with all the senses, and embracing limitless freedom. The result is SicilyCyclingTours and our mission is to go the extra mile to offer our guests incredible slow travel experiences with impeccable service at core.

Cyclist in Marzamemi
"Super experience - very well organised, nice routes, fantastic accommodation and top food!"

Stefan, Malta

Cyclist in Ragusa Ibla

"Alè Alè"
Ride like a pro

"Ready to ride like a pro?

An unforgettable week following the roads of the Giro".

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