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Ciclismo in campagna

There are as many ways to plan a cycling trip as there are types of cyclists and travellers.

Some places can be reached by a quiet dirt road, others you may want to ride alone without a guide.  Sometimes you want to be guided on tours and cycle for several days to reach your destination. That's why we've come up with different styles for you to choose from.  And remember, whatever your style, it is the bike that makes the adventure yours.

Tour Difficulty

Our Bike tours are not designd exclusively for super athletes but cater to anyone with motivation and good fitness levels. The difficulty level depends on factors such as terrain,distance, and elevation gain.

Following the guidelines,it will be easy for individuals to choose the perfect bike tour that aligns with their capabilities and preferences.


Riding  20/30 Miles

Riding 300/400 Ft elevation gain.

Riding Flat/Hilly  road


Riding 40/50 Miles

Riding 500/600 Ft. elevation gain

Riding Hilly road


Riding 50/70 Miles

Riding 700/1000 Ft. elevetion gain

Riding Hilly/Mountain road

Tour Levels 

We differentiate our tours through three distinct levels: Bronze,Silver and Gold, each with unique features in terms of pricing,accommodations and included services.


Offers a basic experience at a more affordable price,with standard accommodations, essential services 


Presents an intermediate level, with a slightly higher price,superior accommodations enhanced services such as included breakfast and dinner, two different "experience" (food) 


The premium level, with a higher price point, accommodations in luxurious 5-stars hotels, and comprehensive services included, such as three experience (food and outdoor activities) full meals

Tour Styles

We differentiate our tours based on style to cater to a variety of participant preferences.These differences allow partecipants to find the tour that best suits their interests and personal preferences.


This type of tour aims to offer an authentic experience,allowing partecipants to connect with the cultural roots of the destination through cycling and direct interaction with the local community.

A classic bike tour focused on discovering ancient cutural and  traditions.

- Traditional Itinerary

A route traversing areas rich in ancient cultural traditions,suc as historic vilages or sites with cultural heritage

- Local Event

Planned visit during cultural events, providing partecipants with opportunities to immerse themselves in local traditions.

- Typical Food

Stops to savor traditional foods and beverages,perhaps organizing tastings of local dishes

- Specialized Cultural Guides

Guides sharing detailed knowledge about the ancient traditions of the area,enriching partecipants'experience

This type of bike tour aims to satisfy the adventours spirit,offering a dynamic and explorative experience through less conventional routes and less-visited places.

- Exploratory Itinerary

A route off the beaten path,traversing pristine landsapes and offering breathtaking views

- Adventurous Experiences

Opputunities for adventurous activities, such as challenging trails,off-road routes,or hilly terrains

- Exploration of Remote Places

Visit to remote and less-traveled locations,prividing a chance to discover lesser-known yet captivating corners

- Adventurous Guides

Expert in outdoor activities


This type of tour enables partecipants to independently explore the territory,providing a personalized and flexible experience.

- Customized Itinerary

Providing detailed maps,GPS or apps for partecipants to follow a personalized route adapting to their preferences

- Independent Exploration

The freedom to explore the territory at one's own pace,stopping to discover points of interest or scenic landscapes.

- Local Suggestions

Supplying local information,recommendations for characteristic restaurants viewpoints, and places of historical interest.

- Bike Rental and technical support

Offering quality bicycles and technical support to ensure a seamless riding experience.

- Local Accommodations

Reccommendations for local accommodations, allowing partecipants to immerse themselves in the daily life of the area.


This type of bike tour focuses on providing a luxurious and romantic trave experience, with attention to detail to create unforgettable moments.

- Scenic Itinerary

A route through picturesque landscapes and breathtaking scenary, with target stops to appreciate romantic views

- Luxury Hotels

Accommodation in 5-star hotels or luxury boutique establishments, offering high-quality comfort and services.

Fine Dining

Reservations at upscale restaurants for romantic gourmet dinners.

Spa and Welness

Spa options along the route or at accommodations, alowing partecipants to relax and rejuvenate.

Romantic Experience

Special events such as romantic picnics, wine tasting or candlelit dinners.

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